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Spark Revenue is a whole new kind of marketing solutions provider.

With a combined 60+ years of experience in online marketing, Spark Revenue has the knowledge and expertise to make your campaigns successful. From consulting, branding and design to banner advertising, email development and network deployment, we work hard to ensure we optimize your traffic and maximize your conversions.

Email Marketing

E-mail Marketing

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Creative Consulting

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Campaign Planning



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Display Advertising

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Development & Deployment


Who we work with speaks volumes about what we can do.

There's a reason why the most forward-thinking brands and publishers come to Spark Revenue first: we generate high ROI and value for their businesses.


About Us

Founded in July of 2007, Spark Revenue specializes in developing highly responsive online marketing campaigns and has acquired millions of high quality consumers for its advertisers.

Our advertisers gain key customer insights and create measurable success via our advertising technology platform. Publishers maximize valuable inventory with exclusive offers that are optimized for profitability. We work hard to achieve outstanding results.

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We create online marketing campaigns that work. Period.

Advertisers work with Spark Revenue because we specialize in doing one thing really well: building online marketing campaigns that work...plain and simple. Using a consultative approach, we provide advertisers with strategic direction, custom built creative and increased online distribution in order to maximize revenue.


Maximize the revenue of your online inventory.

We work with small, medium and large publishers that are interested in maximizing the revenue potential of their valuable inventory. In addition, we can provide publishers with exclusive offers that are tested and optimized to ensure profitability.

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Our premier social media advertising solution offers marketers completely managed, turn-key social media campaigns which drive measurable performance on a massive scale.


Our premier social media advertising solution offers marketers completely managed, turn-key social media campaigns which drive measurable performance on a massive scale.

Social Media Icons

A Fully Managed Solution

Spark Social offers a complete, fully managed and customized social media campaign solution. We develop, test and optimize your social campaigns to the optimum convergence of both quality and scale.



Using a consultative approach, we listen to our clients, discover key objectives and then collaboratively develop a road map for success. Our strategic process aligns business objectives in a way that achieves specific, measurable results.


Creative Development

All of our creative development starts with a conversion focus. We constantly test and retest until a campaign is fully optimized. And since 90% of American consumers move between devices, we'll make sure that your campaign is rendered perfectly on all of them. Our mobile responsive designs will help maintain brand consistency and ensure a seamless integration of your message every time.


Media Buying

Through proprietary and partner tools, we buy based on the true value of each consumer—with targeting such as interests, device, geographic area, previous customer interaction —rather than treating every consumer the same. Our media buying influence has allowed us unrivaled access to publishers and platforms, including many exclusive opportunities through key partners.



Our Analytics team continuously crunches the numbers and finds new ways to optimize your campaign. We not only provide traditional web analytics, but also detailed insight into what’s working, what’s not and how to improve.



By leveraging our database against real-time consumer interactions we can create campaigns that target audience segments based on purchase patterns, device, search terms, location, and more. Our system continuously optimizes your campaign allowing you to fine tune your targeting to obtain the highest ROI.



The huge amount of campaign and customer data available can overwhelm even the most seasoned marketer. That's why we've created a reporting interface that is simple to use, but also gives you deep insights into measuring and optimizing campaign performance.

Our 3-Step Process

Strategic Planning

The first step in a successful campaign is developing a deep understanding of your business goals, identifying KPI's and auditing the competitive landscape. Sure we talk, but more importantly, we listen to your key issues and what's important to your overall business. From that information, we can develop a strategic plan that will help us hit your target acquisition goals quickly, allowing us to scale your advertising budget and grow revenue.

Campaign Creation

Once we've identified the precise customer demographic we want to target, we start with the actual campaign creation. This starts by building custom creatives matrixed by keyword and interest selects. From there, we upload and manage all creative ads and develop look-alike audiences based on existing data.

Analysis & Optimization

As hundreds of creative variations are developed and tested, we constantly employ multi-variate testing to glean the highest ROI creatives and placements. Once these winners are identified, we closely analyze the data to determine optimization strategies to scale the placements while also hitting your target acquisition goal.

Optimum Convergence

Our ultimate goal is always the same: to increase the scale and efficiency of your campaign and achieve the perfect balance of both quality and volume. We do this by constantly monitoring campaign costs against target acquisition metrics and adjusting buys to unveil larger opportunities.



With thousands of leads generated daily through our owned and operated websites, we can drive highly qualified customers to your website, call center or storefront.

Acquire quality users at massive scale

We'll help you reach and engage your target consumers within a low risk, performance-based model. Our advanced demographic, geographic and contextual targeting technology lets you reach your audience with precision. And with our extensive mobile network, we can provide premium mobile-first inventory at scale.

  • Multiple lead delivery options including ping/post or redirect to your landing page.
  • We offer extensive filtering tools to target the leads you are looking for.
  • Customizable creative capabilities help us optimize toward higher conversion rates.
  • Our dedicated account managers provide feedback and reporting throughout your campaign.
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Let us help you take your campaigns to the next level.

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